Tier 1 Program

Our tier 1 borrowers get premier access to our team, support and funding. This also includes first round access to any and all wholesale opportunities that come to our team. Borrowers at this level collaborate with iFund under a profit participation agreement, securing that all parties are incentivized to increase the joint return on investment. At iFund we believe in developing long term relationships with our borrowers. Our goal is to help our tier 1 borrowers reach maximum success by having access to funds to close more deals faster. As a tier 1 borrower you have our commitment to secure priority funding for your deals.


Tier 2 Program

Our tier 2 borrowers get secondary priority to our team, support, funding and wholesale opportunities. Similar to tier 1, our tier 2 borrowers collaborate with iFund under a profit participation agreement, yet at a lesser level than tier 1. Our goal with tier 2 borrowers is to help them grow to tier 1 level, so that they can enjoy the benefits of priority access to the iFund team, support and funding.


Tier 3 Programs

Our tier 3 borrowers get 3rd level access to our team and funding. At this level there is no guarantee or commitment from iFund to secure funding, since tier 3 borrowers have to get inline behind tier 1 and 2. With that said iFund will do its best to secure funding for all our borrowers. iFund holds true to a win-win philosophy in all we do.